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In 2022, we identified a market issue. A high level of disorganization prevailed during the student’s hiring process for job segments because it was difficult to gather credible information about candidates. Due to a crippling lack of data on skills benchmarks and job requirements, this situation occurred. Therefore, Connect to Campus is the part of Job Hunterr and was born as the easiest way to fix this problem since it contained information regarding internships and colleges within this segment. In recent years, Connect to Campus has transformed into a recruiting platform that connects employers, and students(intern and across hierarchies within an organization.

Dream Big, relax often and brainstorm nonstop to achieve excellence together. Become a part of our incredible team and help millions of students decide how they want to spend their lives.

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Who We Are ?

As a recruitment firm, we believe that we are serving candidates who are changing jobs, and we are filling open positions for leaders. The direction that we provide is very mandatory.

  • We connect platforms like colleges, companies, employees and provide guidance to the Students in Campus Recruitment and Internship.
  • We provide a strong, stable, and productive teams of employees by providing sound career advice to candidates.
  • Our company is focused on providing relevant skills and experience to students so they can start their careers successfully.

What we have Accomplished

Jobs For Freshers

Your fingertips will be filled with fresher jobs with a minimum salary of 3LPA.


Take advantage of 5,000+ internship opportunities with great companies to launch your career.

Jobs For Experienced

We help to the candidates to Fresh start their career with a minimum of 6LPA.

Jobs-focused specializations

Our programs are Industry-oriented, so you can be prepared for a career in your dream field.


We offer short-term online courses you can take on the go to learn new-age skills